Unraveling the elastic sphere skipping problem


We are pleased to announce that our manuscript “Elastic spheres can walk on water” is now published in Nature Communications! http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2016/160204/ncomms10551/full/ncomms10551.html Press release: In collaboration with scientists at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, R.I., and Brown University, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tadd Truscott and his associates at USU’s Splash Lab have unraveled […]

Stereo Imaging Workshop

At this years FloCon (Utah Fluids Conference) I put together a short workshop on stereo imaging and 3d imaging from structured light. Most of these tools are readily available on the web and Matlab even has dedicated libraries in the 2015 Computer Vision System Toolbox! I am putting a few of the resources from that workshop […]

2015 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Image: David Kjaer

We are excited to announce that Dr. Truscott is a 2015 Office of Naval Research Recipient! The award is linked the work entitled Natural swarms and crowds: Observation and Modeling.  This grant allows the Splash Lab to do utilize our 3D imaging techniques to unravel behaviors of swarms and swarming behavior of animals and humans. We […]

Goodbye BYU, Hello Utah State University


I hope those of you reading this have had a chance to experience the BYU Splash Lab during its short tenure, whether in person or through one of our videos. Though I must take credit for its inception, I cannot take full credit for the inspiring images, scientific publications and successful graduates it has produced.If […]

Eggs spinning in Milk


We are proud to announce that our work on spinning spheres in a shallow bath has now been published and featured on the cover of Physics of Fluids!  When a hard-boiled egg spins through a pool of milk on the kitchen counter, the milk rises up the sides of the egg and droplets are ejected. This […]

Swarms and Flocks

We have been working towards methods of determining the positions of birds in 3D space as they fly using our Synthetic Aperture imaging approach.  Pigeons are particularly easy to film because we can trick them into coming in for food, and then scaring them.  These preliminary videos help understand the potential this approach may have […]

Catastrophic cracking courtesy of quiescent cavitation


We are pleased to announce another publication in Physics of Fluids entitled “Catastrophic cracking courtesy of quiescent cavitation” in the September issue.  We are featured as one of the Gallery of Fluid Motion papers.  These short papers highlight the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics Gallery of Fluid Motion winners from the previous year! […]

Water entry of axisymmetric bodies


We are pleased to announce that our article “The water entry of slender axisymmetric bodies” was just published in Physics of Fluids!!!  Congratulations to Kyle, Stephen and Tadd.  This work was really fun and was the first time we utilized an Inertial Measurement Unit synchronized with our imaging data.  The IMU was developed by Stephen […]